Easy Phone Service

Nepal Telecom (NT) introduced its first ever Softphone based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) with its brandname EasyPhone. Using EasyPhone, subscribers can make economical IP calls from their computer (working as a phone) having broadband internet connection. Subscribers just need to download the EasyPhone softphone software application from NT’s website www.ntc.net.np, install in their computers and input the account number and password in the EasyPhone GUI to make IP calls. Calls can also be made through Smart phone having 3G/wi-fi by installing SIP application available in the internet.

EasyPhone Service

Portal link: http://fin.ntc.net.np/tellin/ppt_usr_index.jsp


  • Permanent account
  • Unique Account Number – Range 604xxxxx
  • Registration needed
    • For registration EasyPhone Form is to be filled and on payment of Nrs. 500/-, EasyPhone account information will be provided to the subscribers.
    • Out of Nrs. 500/- mentioned above, Nrs. 50/- is registration charge; Nrs. 9 is ownership charge and remaining Nrs. 441/- is talk time value (including Tax and Vat)
    • Copy of citizenship document and passport size photo is required
  • The EasyPhone account information includes the login account number and passwords for making IP calls (outgoing PIN) and EasyPhone SelfCare webportal for account management (web PIN) which are same.
  • EasyPhone accounts can be recharged using EasyCall PCC (Prepaid Calling Card) cards and Namaste Recharge card of GSM by dialing 1413 and press 3 for Landline recharge option ( dial SIP Account number 604xxxxx) and validity date will extend.
  • EasyPhone accounts can be recharged by paying amount directly to the Nepal Telecom’s Counter.
  • EasyPhone SelfCare Portal (web page) is available @ http://fin.ntc.net.np/tellin/ppt_usr_index.jsp for account management such as Balance Query, validity query, account recharge and changing outgoing PIN and web PIN.
  • This web portal supports Internet Explorer only.
  • These pins can be changed by subscribers using SoftPhone Selfcare web portal.
  • Both international and national (to NT PSTN/GSM/CDMA network) calls can be made
  • SoftPhone account can be used from anywhere in the world, anytime to call everywhere in the world at cheap economical rates
  • Calls can be made from one SoftPhone to another SoftPhone account (SIP to SIP) also
  • Call Record Facility
  • Phone Book Facility
  • Can be used from SIP devices and Smart mobiles with SIP applications.

Installation Procedure

  • Install the EasyPhone Software available from NT website www.ntc.net.np
  • This EasyPhone Software support up to Windows7 (32bit).
  • Enter the activation serial key to activate EasyPhone (also available with SoftPhone software)
  • Input the SoftPhone account number and password made available at registration to login.
  • After successful login, Dialer screen will popup and you are ready to make IP calls

Dialling Pattern

  • To make international or national call dial County code + Area Code + telephone no
  • Example : 91136XXXXXXXXXX, 97798510XXXXX, 977604XXXXX

Possible Call Scenarios

  • From NT SIP Softphone to International subscribers
  • From NT SIP Softphone to national subscribers of NT PSTN/GSM/CDMA network
  • From NT SIP Softphone to NT SIP Softphone


Country Per minute Tariff (Rs.) Pulse Duration Per Pulse Rate (Rs.)
USA/Canada Rs. 1.5 15 sec 0.375
India,China,Hong Kong,Singapore,Thailand Rs. 2.5 15 sec 0.625
Malaysia,SouthKorea, ,Bangladesh Rs. 4.00 15 sec 1
Macau Rs 5.00 15 sec 1.25
Israel,Taiwan, Pakistan Rs. 6.00 15 sec 1.5
Japan, Russia Rs. 8.00 15 sec 2
UK, Austrailia Rs. 10.00 15 sec 2.5
Countries having Budget Call Services except countries listed in Group A,B,C,D & E and Somalia (252), Falk Land Island (500), Cuba (5399), N. Korea (850), Papua New Guinea (675), Soloman Island (677), East Timor (670), Satellite Phone (882), Global Networks (882), Inmar Sat (870) and Irridium (881) ONLY. Rs. 20.00 15 sec 5
Nepal (NT PSTN/GSM/CDMA network) Rs 6.00 15 sec 1.5
SIP to SIP Rs 1.00 60 sec 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where Can I get the Easy Phone Software?
Easy Phone software can be found in

Q. Where Can I get Easy Call Card?
Easy Call card can be got from any Nepal Telecom�s counter as well as in the retailer.

Q. Where can I use Easy Phone Service?
Easy Phone service can be used from any part of the world having internet connectivity to any destination except Nepal.

Q. How to check the balance/Validity period of EasyPhone?
The balance/Validity period can be checked by accessing Easy call Service Self Care web portal.

Screen Shots

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