Mobile Number Scheme

This is to notify that from 2061 Baisakh 1 (13 th April) all the Post-paid mobile numbers has been changed as per following

In the Koshi, Janakpur, Bagmati, Narayani, Gandaki, Lumbini and Bheri zones, digit '5'will be added after the digit 98 and the remaining 7 digits will remain same. Current number 98 xxxxxxx will be 98 5 xxxxxxx after the change.

In the following zones in addition to the insertion of '5' after 98, there will also be changes in the 3rd and 4th digits (Area Codes) and remaining 7 digits will remain same.

Zones Old Number Changed Number (New)
Mechi 98 20 xxxxx 98 5 26 xxxxx
Sagarmath 98 30 xxxxx 98 5 28 xxxxx
Seti 98 90 xxxxx 98 5 84 xxxxx
Mahakali 98 90 xxxxx 98 5 87 xxxxx

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