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1. Rs. 10/- per music clip selection
2. Rs. 1/- to send SMS to 1455 (CRBT through SMS)
3. Rs. 1/- per minute while calling to CRBT IVR No.(1609)

Rates above are exclusive of applicable tax.

Instructions to the users:

Customers of Nepal Telecom mobile can access CRBT service in two ways:
  • Web-based Access:

    1. First visit Nepal Telecom's CRBT website
    2. If you have not registered previously then click on registeron top left corner of the page.
    3. Enter your mobile number on the CRBT Number text box, then click on apply for dynamic password. A six digit password will be sent to you as SMS.
    4. Enter the 6 digit password on password box and then press confirm.
    5. On success you can now logon using your mobile number and 6 digit password from the top left of the webpage.
    6. You can order your color tune based on Top Ringtones List chart or from Tune Store. You can prelisten the song before you can order by clicking the pre-listen button . Make sure that you verify the validity date of song in the system by clicking information button

      (Note: validity of song is 15 days from the date of order for user and is different from the validity date of song in the system mentioned previously. Cost is Rs 12.43 (including tax) per song/tune ).

    7. After successfully purchasing the song a message comes whether you want to put this song in the default library for everyone who calls you to hear. Otherwise you can set the numbers that you want particular song to hear while they call you.

  • CRBT IVR Access:

    CRBT IVR Sequence

    S. N.



    Dial 1609
    Press 1 for English and 2 for Nepali Language
    1 pressed
    Welcome to Nepal Telecom Color Tune Service
    Press 1 to open new Account and any other key to exit
    1 pressed
    Please Enter 6 digit password and press hex key to confirm.
    6 digit password with #key
    Please re enter the same 6 digit password and press Hex key to confirm. Your application to open new account has been accepted, you will be informed within 24 hour by SMS.

      1 - to Enquire and Order Ringback tones.
      2 - to Manage your personal Ringback tone Library
      3 - to Set Ringback tones
      4 - to Modify password
      5 - to suspend account
      6 - to cancel account
      7 - to Manage blacklist
      8 - to Record Ringtones
      9 - to Duplicate Ringtones
    1 Pressed
    Press 1 to Enquire based on library.
    2 to enquire based on ringback tone number.
    0 and hex to return to previous menu.
    1 Pressed
    System provides Pre-listening and downloading based on the ringtone top chart. Please enter the ringtone number (this number is not the ringtone code but the index of top list chart) and press # key to confirm or press 0 and # key to return to previous menu. Prelistening can be stopped by pressing any other key.
    suppose if 3# is pressed
    prelistening of song number 3 in the chart will be played.
    stop the prelistening by pressing any other key.
    Press 1 to confirm download 2 to listen to next song in the top chart or 0 to return to previous menu .
    1 pressed
    Price, validity and date are announced press 1 to confirm.
    1 pressed
    Ring back tone number . Has been successfully downloaded to your personal library. If you want the caller to hear this tune press 1 to set it as default or hang up to exit. Announcement repeated from Step 5 is repeated.
      For option 2  
      In step 6 if 2 is pressed Please enter the 10 digit color tune number and hex key to confirm or 0 to return to previous menu.
      Ring code number and #key
    prelistening starts and process is similar then after.

CRBT through SMS To 1455

  1. To get information regarding CRBT through SMS,
    Send SMS < HELP> to 1455.

  2. To Register CRBT in NT CRBT System,
    Send SMS < REG> to 1455.

  3. To Deregister CRBT in NT CRBT System,
    Send SMS < UNR> to 1455.

  4. To Change CRBT password,
    Send SMS < CPW+newpassword> to 1455
    E.g. < CPW+123456 >

  5. To get the latest Recommendation Caller Tune Recommended by NT,
    Send SMS < TOP > to 1455.

  6. To get the top 5 popular hit Caller Tunes,
    Send SMS < PH > to 1455.

  7. To get the details of particular Caller Tune,
    Send SMS < DET+caller Tune Code > to 1455.
    E.g. < DET+0120010266 > to 1455.
    This gives details of Caller Tune having Code 0120010266.

  8. To order CRBT ( Purchase caller tune ),
    Send SMS < DEF+Caller Tune Code >,
    E.g. < DEF+0120010266>
    This purchases caller tune having caller tune code 0120010266.

  9. To set Default ring tone,
    Send SMS < MR+Caller Tune Code>
    E.g. < MR+0120010266>
    This plays caller tune having caller tune code 0120010266.
    NOTE: Here the Input Caller Tune Code must be from ordered Caller Tunes.

  10. To Deactivate ( Suspend ) CRBT,
    Send SMS < DAC > to 1455.

  11. To Activate ( Release ) CRBT,
    Send SMS < ACT > to 1455.

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