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ADSL Router Troubleshooting

There have been some disruption in ADSL service due to some technical issues in some old models of TPLINK routers. Nepal Telecom is continuously coordinating with the respective authorized dealers to resolve the issue at the earliest possible. Please follow the steps below to resolve the issue in the TPLINK routers.

Important Notes

  • First you'll need to reset the router to factory default settings by pressing the reset button at the back of router
  • Go to the web interface of your router using, under maintenance, change the default password "admin" to anything you want.
  • Re-configure your  router with your ISP information using PPPOE, VPI/VCI - 8/81
  • Click here for further details on configuring ADSL router

To secure more, please apply

  • Change the default admin password
  • Change default SSID
  • Change the default wireless password
  • Disable remote management
  • Apply WPA2 security & disable WPS
  • Disable UPnP
  • Turn on router firewall
  • Turn on Mac Filtering (if possible)

For further information, please contact nearest telecom office.

Updated On : 2017-09-12


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