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Friends and Family Call Service (FNF)

 GSM Post-paid/GSM Prepaid/ SkyPhone Postpaid/ SkyPhone Prepaid

  1. On subcription of Friends and Family Call Service (FNF) feature, Post-Paid/Prepaid Mobile users can make calls to Five(5) other Nepal Telecom's telephone numbers (Nepal Telecom's PSTN or Post-Paid or Pre-Paid Mobile) at Discounted Price even in Business Hours.

  2. Customers can submit upto five Nepal Telecom's telephone numbers at the time of registration for Friends and Family Call service.

  3. To Subscribe : type < FNFSUB*No1> send it to 1415
  4. To add new FNF member: type < FNFADD*No2> send it to 1415 (repeat same for the next three numbers)
  5. Maximum allowed FNF members = 5
  6. To Modify FNF Member: type < FNFMOD*OLD No*New No> send it to 1415
  7. To Delete FNF Member: type < FNFDEL*No> send it to 1415
  8. To Inquiry FNF Member: type < FNFINQ > send it to 1415 Download Forms

Updated On : 2017-06-02


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