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Nepal Telecom has been providing Voice Mail Box service since the beginning of Mobile Service in Nepal. Voice Mail Service allows the user to be always in touch. In order to use the voice mail service, user must have CALL FORWARDING facility. If the user wants his/her incoming calls to be diverted to the Voice Mail server on different conditions (like unconditionally, on busy, no reply or out of reach for postpaid and unconditionally only for prepaid subscriber ), he/she must set the call forward number as 011614 in the user's mobile set. When the call forward service to the voice mail is activated, the incoming calls will be diverted to the voice mail box according to the conditions specified by the user. The calling party can leave the voice message in the mail box of the called party. Once the message is recorded in the mail box, the user will be notified about the new message through Short Message Service (SMS).

The user can then dial his voice mail box and check the new or old messages and manage mail box by dialing the Voice Mail number 011616. It should be noted that the user has to use own mobile SIM to access the voice mail service by this method. Once the user is connected to the voice mail server, the system will guide the user for different options in the service through interactive voice prompts. Users have to listen carefully to the guidelines provided by the system for familiarizing themselves to the service.
Voice Mail Subscription Charge : None

Message Deposit Charge : When the Incoming Calls are transferred to Voice Mail Box, the message duration will be charged as the air time charge of the outgoing mobile calls.

Message Retrieval Charge : There will be no extra charge for the retrieving the messages from the voice mail box.

Mail Box Management Charge : No additional charge for Mail Box management (Active/Inactive)
VMS Number for call deposit : 011614
VMS Number for call retrieval : 011616

Additional services available now:
Miss call notification - some one dials a mobile number, if in case the call has been diverted to voice mail and the caller disconnect the call before the message deposit tone is heard, then the called number will be miss call information via sms.

Heard Message Notification - A caller deposits a voice message. After the called party listens to the deposited message, the depositor (caller) will get sms confirming that his message has been heard by the called party.

Updated On : 2017-04-06


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