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NT Bus Internet

NT BUS Internet Service provides Wi-Fi connectivity for any Wi-Fi built-in portable devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops and so on to connect to the internet while travelling in the bus. It can be used in bus, minibus, microbus as well as large touring coaches.

This device can be conveniently placed inside the bus and must be connected to external power supply. The wireless connection is same as in ordinary wireless router and the passengers can connect to the internet for web browsing, accessing social networking applications like viber, facebook, etc.

It has local media storage facility. It facilitates watching offline movies, videos, listening songs, downloading applications and games in their respective devices. This is done without delay and any internet connections. The advertisements can also be placed in it. Additionally, the GPS feature shows current location of the bus which can be used for proper management and tracking of the bus. It has remote access facility as well, which can be used to support, maintain and manage the buses.

This service is being started by Nepal Telecom in technical collaboration with its Bundling Partner Cybernetics Pvt Ltd. Currently this service uses Nepal Telecom’s CDMA network. Sales, technical support, complain handling and Operation & Management is the sole responsibility of the Bundling partner.

Main Features :
- Designed for providing internet connections in the moving vehicle.
- Offline movies, music and video streaming to passengers in their own devices. Games, apps and lots of entertainment services can also be downloaded offline in their respective devices.
- GPS Locator is available as an additional service
- It has built-inplenty of storage capacity and the contents (Movies, Music) can be changed.
- Remote monitoring and maintenance services are also available in this system


1) Does it work everywhere?
It works in almost all parts of the National Highways and remote areas where Nepal Telecom's CDMA network’s signal is available.

2) What is the process to buy and where can we buy it?
You need to bring one passport size photo and a copy of citizenship and fill a form.
You can visit given below Nepal Telecom's counters:
Nepal Telecom counters: Sundhara, Jawalakhel, Pulchowk, Chhauni, Chabahil, Babarmahal, Gongabu
Bundling Partner’s sales and service point: Gongabu Bus Park : 9840408999, Kalanki Chowk : 9745178000.
For More Information: 9741475999, 9741475998

4) What will be the after sales service and how do we get it?
The equipment has 1-year warranty which will be provided by the bundling partner during the purchase of the equipment.Free service for any malfunctioning will be provided for one year provided that it has not any physical damage caused by mishandling of the device. You can contact hotline number 9840408888 for any after sales services. Bundling partner, Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd also facilitates by providing Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) through which you can get after sales services like Movies, Music, Games or Apps updated monthly.

5) How long will it take to repair? Does it have hotline support available?
The service center dedicated to this service will respond immediately.Support service is available from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm from Sunday to Friday. Please contact hotline number 9840408888.

6) What is the cost of this device ?
Rs 19,000 + VAT. (Installation cost will be additional for the power socket, cables etc). This includes a free RUIM card with 10GB data in it.
The price will vary according to the services added like GPS and Multimedia Services

7) What will be the tentative monthly expenses and data requirements for the internet?
We have 10 GB, 20 GB and 30 GB packages available respectively. However, 30 GB is most preferred for buses.
Other expenses will depend on the additional services like GPS and Multimedia Services.
For more inquiries, please contact:

Nepal Telecom counters: Sundhara, Jawalakhel, Pulchowk, Chhauni, Chabahil, Babarmahal, Gongabu
Bundling Partner’s sales and service point:Gongabu Bus Park: 9840408999, Kalanki Chowk: 9745178000
For More Information: 9741475999, 9741475998

Contact for Nepal Telecom’s Bundling Partner
Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd.
Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone No. 01-4429415/9741475999

Updated On : 2017-07-07


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