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With NTPro, Nepal Telecom GSM post-paid users can make calls to any numbers in Nepal Telecom network as well as can receive all calls while away from home network. This provides high quality of voice and video features over Wi-Fi or any data network. When customer is out of network, call forwarding to a specified number is required to receive calls in NTPro. There's no need to check the account balance before you make a call. Call charges will be deducted from your post-paid balance. Customers can make and receive calls at cheaper price while roaming. Multi-party (ad-hoc) conference, meet-me conference, free instant messaging and video talk within NTPro customers, call wait, call forward etc. are additional features.

NTpro Subscription/De-subscription

Shortcode: 1428
Customer Type: GSM Postpaid

S.No. Keyword Message Remarks
1 Sub ntpro Thank you!.
Your username is and password is abcd1234
Dial **62*775XXXXXXX#”to receive call on NTpro. Send sms add intl for ISD service.NT
2 Unsub ntpro You have successfully unregistered from NTpro system. Send sms sub ntpro for NTpro subscription. NT UnSubscribed
3 Pwd Your current pasword is XXXXX. Know Current Password
4 Chngpwd old_pwd new_pwd
Eg: chngpwd 123456 abc123
Your password has been changed. Your new password is XXXXXX with username Change Password
5 Add intl Thank you!
You can now make ISD call from NTpro services. Send sms rm intl to 1428 for ISD unsubscription. Re-Login the Apps again.NT
Adding ISD Features
6 Rm intl Thank you!
You can now make only Local call from NTpro services. Send sms add intl to 1428 for ISD subscription.Re-Login the Apps again.NT
Removing ISD Features and allowing local calls only
7 Other Keywords
Eg: help
Welcome to NTpro Service! Please send sub ntpro to subscribe this service. Visit for more detail. Help

Note: Application can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play Store. For Meet Me conference code, please visit NT office Pulchowk(WSD).


1. Voice call (Outgoing/Incoming) to any number from NTPro from Data Network (useful for roaming customers)
2. Can receive and make calls using same GSM post-paid mobile numbers
3. Free calls from NTPro to NTPro
4. Free Instant Messaging from NTPro to NTPro
5. Free Video calls from NTPro to NTPro
6. Ad-hoc Conferencing
7. Meet Me Conferencing
8. Call Wait, Call Forward, CLIP etc

Meet Me Conferencing

There are two options for meet me conferencing.

1. From NTpro Application
Step 1 Go to quick start
Step2 Press Meet Me icon and listen and follow the IVR

2. From Mobile network or pstn
Meet Me code is postpaid number (9851028900)
Dial this number 9851028900
Listen the IVR and follow the instruction

Please visit the Nepal Telecom Office for Meet Me conferencing Code for co-operate users.
Your Meet Me conferencing Access code is XXXXX, Pin number is XXXXX

If you want other to join your conference give them your access code. Please keep secret the pin number. Do not give this pin number to others.

Also, while conferencing, You can make even conferencing secret by keeping pin as passkey for others to join your conference. It means you can provide access code and instant pin number (as pass to join conference ) to host conference so that you can host secret conference.


Rental Charge: Rs 100 per month
Out Going Call Charge:
Rs. 6 per minute (Outgoing Calls from NTPro to NT Mobile or Landlines)
Outgoing International Call: Rs. 6 + ISD charges (per minute)

Incoming Charge
Rs. 3 per minute (Incoming Calls from Mobile/ Land Lines/Interntional)

Note: The above rates are exclusive of all applicable taxes.


  • What is NTpro ?
    It is an application used to make voice call to any numbers in Nepal Telecom network as well as can receive all calls while away from home network and video calls as well as instant messaging between NTpro Apps /users.

  • Do I need Internet service?
    Yes. This application runs on internet service.

  • Who can subscribe this app?
    It is especially targeted to GSM Postpaid Customers.

  • Where is this Application available?
    It is available in Google Play store for Android and coming soon on Apple play store for IPhone and IPAD.

  • Does this application require username and password?
    Yes. To get your username and password
    Type sub ntpro and send to 1428
    Note: This service is applicable for GSM Postpaid Customers.

  • How can we subscribe this Application?
    It is easily subscribed from sms system.
    Type sub ntpro and send to 1428 to get your username and password.

  • When user is ready to dial phone?
    Whenever users provide their credentials (username and password) then he/she login into NTpro Apps and then Apps status changes from Registering to Phone Ready state. Then the users can make/receive a call when the application in on Phone Ready Condition.

  • What is my number in NTpro ?
    Postpaid users have username and password and when they make/receive call, they use their own number.

  • Do I need to forward my number to receive calls in NTpro ?
    Yes. The forwarding number is provided to you at the time of registration from sms system.
    You have to dial that USSD string from your NTC mobile network.
    e.g if you receive this string **62*775XXXXXXX#
    Then you have to dial **62*775XXXXXXX# to receive call at NTpro.

  • How can I dial to other numbers from this apps ?
    It is user friendly. Just use as your mobile dialer pad.
    If you want to dial mobile number. Dial 98XXXXXXXX
    If you want to dial PSTN number. Dial 0155XXXXX
    If you want to call international ISD. Dial
    a. 1424CountryCodeXXXXXXXX
    b. 00CountryCodeXXXXXXXXXX
    c. +CountryCodeXXXXXXXXXX

  • Is there any free calls available from this Application ?
    Yes. Voice Call from NTpro to NTpro is free.
    Instant Messaging is also free between APPS.
    Video Calls is also free between APPS.

  • What should I do if I forget my password?
    Don’t get panic. Your password can be known from sms shortcode.
    Type pwd and send to 1428
    You will immediately get your current password.
    For eg. type Pwd and send to 1428

  • Can I change my password?
    Yes. Type chngpwd old_pwd new_pwd and sent to 1428 to change it.
    Eg. If your old_pwd is abc123
    And new_pwd is xyz345
    Then type chngpwd abc123 xyz345 and send to 1428
    Now instant reply from 1428 will tell you that your new password is xyz345
    You can even query your current password after changing from above step.

  • What should I do if I want to unsubscribe this service?
    Type unsub ntpro and send to 1428
    You will be immediately unsubscribed from this service.

  • What is Tariff for calling?
    Rental Charge: Rs 100 per month
    Call Charge: Rs. 6 per minute (Both Outgoing & Incoming Calls to/from NTPro to Mobile or Landlines)
    Outgoing International Call: Rs. 6 + ISD charges (per minute)
    Note: This tariff is exclusive of taxes +TSC.

  • What if I have unconditional forward to another number and dial the USSD string which I get during subscription?Do I still receive call in NTpro application?
    The USSD string which you have received during subscription allow for incoming call duing switch off and unreachable condition of your mobile network.However if you have unconditional forward to another number then you would not receive call in NTpro.

    Either you can cancel all unconditional call forward manually or just dial ##21# and use Forwarding USSD string provided to you. OR You can apply unconditional call forward to NTpro service.

    For example: if you get **62*7751XXXXXXX#
    Go to Call Setting in your mobile and you can forward your call to 7751XXXXXX(which is NTpro Call Forward)

Updated On : 2018-01-26


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