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International Roaming Tariff

Roaming is defined as the ability for a cellular customer to automatically make & receive voice calls, send and receive data, or access other services when traveling outside the geographical coverage area of the home network, by using a visited network therein.

If the visited network is in the same country, it is known as National Roaming. If the visited network is outside the home country, it is known as International Roaming (the term Global Roaming has also been used). National Roaming facility is provided to both Postpaid and Prepaid Mobile customers, while International Roaming facility is currently provided for Post Mobile customers only. You do not have to subscribe for National Roaming facility; it is included in your basic subscription, but for International Roaming, you have to subscribe this facility. For this you should fill up the service application form.

GSM Roaming, which involves roaming between GSM networks, offers the convenience of a single number; a single bill and a single phone with worldwide access to over 191 countries. The convenience of GSM Roaming has been a key driver behind the global success of the GSM Platform.

International Roaming Tariff

International Roaming

With International Roaming facility in your SIM card, you can use your mobile phone while you are visiting foreign countries. Your mobile phone number remains the same and you can make or receive calls to/from any where around the world. Further, you can also use additional services which are available in your home country while you are abroad. Please note that International Roaming facility is provided to Postpaid Mobile Customers only. There are two ways of International Roaming: Outbound Roaming and Inbound Roaming.

Bilateral Roaming Partners

It refers to the Operators having Bilateral (both Outbound and Inbound) Roaming Agreements wih Nepal Telecom .
List of Operators & Country.

Outbound Roaming

Outbound Roaming refers to Nepal Telecom Postpaid Mobile customers roaming in network of foreign countries. Customers of Nepal Telecom Mobile can roam in network of foreign operators with whom Nepal Telecom Mobile has Outbound Roaming agreement. In case, the country you have visited has more than one mobile operator with whom Nepal Telecom Mobile has Outbound Roaming agreement then you can select network of your choice in your mobile set manually.

Some roaming partners have GSM 1800 or GSM 1900 network; in that case to use that network, your mobile set must support dual band or tri band. It means your mobile set must be able to operate in frequency of 900 MHz or 1800 MHz or 1900 MHz depending upon the frequency used by that network. Nepal Telecom has Outbound roaming agreement with 259 mobile operators from 72 countries. This number continues to grow, for updates please visit our website regularly. for country list click here (Outbound Only).

Inbound Roaming

Inbound Roaming refers to customers of foreign country operator roaming in Nepal Telecom Mobile network. Only those customers can roam in Nepal Telecom Mobile network whose operator has Inbound Roaming agreement with Nepal Telecom Mobile. Since Nepal Telecom Mobile has GSM 900 network, to be able to use network of Nepal Telecom Mobile, your mobile set must be able to operate in 900 MHz (most mobile set supports this frequency).

NTC Mobile has done Inbound roaming agreement with 66 mobile operators from 26 different countries. For updated list please visit our website regularly. To view list of countries/operators having inbound roaming agreement click here.

Updated On : 2018-04-02


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