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With SKYDATA card being such a new and innovative product, we have assembled a list of frequently asked questions about it.

Q. What do l need to install on my Laptop to run SKYDATA card?
A. We have an installation disc with all of the required software and needs to be installed in the Laptop. The installation disc also provides a signal strength monitoring utility and traffic consumption statistics.

Q. Is it easy to install?
A. Yes, the installation is completely scripted and it is no more difficult than installing most software applications

Q. What operating system does the SKYDATA card support?
A. The SKYDATA card works with Windows XP and 2000. It also works with Linux.

Q. How fast is SKYDATA service? Is the download speed the same as the upload, is it symmetrical?
A. SKYDATA speeds reaches up to 153.6Kbps in good signal strength level. Yes, the download as well as upload speed of the SKYDATA card will be up to 153.6 Kbps.

Q. What is the energy emission from SKYDATA card?
A. The maximum energy emission from SKYDATA card is 22dBm which is approximately 0.16 Watts.

Q. Do I need external power supply for SKYDATA card?
A. No you don't need any external power for it. It draws the power from the Laptop and the consumption is maximum 3.2 watts.

Q. How is my Bandwidth consumption measured?
A. Bandwidth consumption is measured by counting all packet traffic originating from and destined to the session IP address of your connection. This consumption is session based. Please note that traffic generated unknown to subscribers, such as spyware and virus traffic, will be accumulated towards subscribers' bandwidth consumption. It is advised that appropriate measures (such as antivirus, firewalls, etc) are used to ensure that your systems are securely maintained.

Q. How is my Billing measured?
A. It is measured on the basis of bandwidth consumption. SKYDATA is a High Speed Internet Access technology that has no per minute charges so you can remain online permanently without worrying about call charges

Q. Where does it work?
A. You can use your SKYDATA card within the wireless coverage area all over Nepal. Your signal strength and quality determines your connection speed, the closer you are to the base station, the better your connection. You can even travel between coverage areas and still be able to connect to the internet.

Updated On : 2017-04-30


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