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SKY Phone - FAQs

  1. After dialing 1415 and pressing 2 to recharge, "You cannot recharge. Please contact operator" message is displayed.
    Subscriber is in Blacklist .Please contact customer care center.

  2. No voice announcement when dialing 1415 but other calls are ok.
    Preferred Language not set. Dial *413 for Nepali or *401 for English.

  3. After dialing 1415, there is no response for press 1 or press 2 especially in Nokia set.
    DTMF setting is OFF. Go to Setting ?Phone Setting?Continuous

  4. "Your RUIM card is invalid" message is displayed for incoming and outgoing calls.
    The subscriber is in "Missing Claimed State". Please remove missing claim from postpaid cdma set or landline calling 1415 and follow the instruction

  5. Phone displays information "Emergency Mode", "Invalid RUIM" or "Insert RUIM Card".
    The subscribers RUIM card is damaged. Purchase and replace with new RUIM card from Nepal Telecom, Bhadrakali counter.

  6. New RUIM card is purchased and there is no incoming call.
    Dial 1415 and listen to your balance. Your phone is active now and you can receive incoming calls.

  7. There is a "Switched Off" announcement when calling to other subscribers.
    No disturb facility is activity. Dial *58 to deactivate.

  8. Where to purchase Recharge Card?
    From Nepal Telecom CDMA counters. All CDMA prepaid services use same Recharge Card.

  9. How to recharge Sky data Card?
    Use Phone Dialer of installed software or Phone Dialer of PC. If both are not available you can recharge from any landline phone. For this, dial 1415 and follow the instruction.

  10. If the Sky Phone is in Locked Period, then Recharge Period exceeded 1 month.
    Contact Nepal Telecom, Bhadrakli Room 114 to recharge.

  11. Is there a facility of Balance transfer in CDMA and Sky Phone?
    No there is not balance transfer facility.

  12. How to check balance in CDMA and Sky Phone?
    Dial 1415 from your Set and select 1 to check balance and validity period.

  13. When we use 1415 for balance query it only responds with Voice? Is there no USSD service on GSM?
    No there is not USSD facility.

  14. Why can't we use RUIM in other Set?
    RUIM card can be used in CDMA Set compatible with CDMA 2000 1X 800 MHZ.

  15. Can we use Easy Call Card from Prepaid CDMA and Sky Phone?
    NO we cannot use easy calling card from prepaid services.

  16. How to recharge C-Phone Prepaid?
    Dial 1415 and follow recharge instructions.

  17. What is maximum amount we can recharge and what is the maximum validity period?
    Maximum amount is Rs. 10,000 and maximum Validity is 2 Yrs.

  18. CDMA set displays" Emergency Calls". What is the solution?
    RUIM card is damaged. Change your RUIM card from NT counter in Bhadrakali.

  19. Rate of C-Phone, Sky-Phone and PDSN service.
    Please check Tariff in the website.

  20. How can I use VMS in Prepaid c-Phone Service?
    VMS service is already provided in prepaid service. To activate VMS, dial 1616.

  21. When I dial VMS service, it asks for password.
    By default VMS password is 1234. To access VMS directly without any password, just enable fast access dialing 1616 following instructions.

  22. How can I enable fast access in VMS?
    Dial 1616 and select 9 to Go to Change Setting and choose 3 to change Password and 5 for fast access.

  23. When do I use VMS Service?
    When you are busy or out of town, you can divert to VMS to record message.

Updated On : 2017-04-30


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