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CDMA Services

SkyPhone Postpaid

Benefits of SKY Phone PostPaid Service

No Need to Recharge again and again.
Free Domestic Roaming charge.
Tariff is less as compared to prepaid service.
Credit Limit can be increased by adding deposit or avoid one-way bar by making payment in Advance .
About Line Bar
When charge>70% of Credit Limit,System will automatically send the SMS.

When Charge is greater than 100% of Credit Limit,the mobile will be one way block and there will be incoming calls but no outgoing calls.

if payment is done After One-Way-Block, line will be reactivated if remaining balance is less than credit limit.
After 3 months of One-Way-Block,the system automatically does Two-Way-Block and the reconnection charge of Rs 900 will be charged for reactivation.
bill is ready every 2nd day of each month.

CDMA Bill Payment will Remain Closed on 1st Day of Nepali Calendar Month.

Note: Currently there is no provision of bill payments through Bank,Payments through Bank will be implemented soon.

Updated On : 2017-04-06


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