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CDMA Services

SkyPhone VAS Service

Calling Line Identification presentation (CLIP)
This feature allows you to see the phone number of the calling party on your phone display.

Short Message Service (SMS)
This feature allows you to type text messages (C100 - 140 characters) and sent to other CDMA phone users. This feature is pre-activated on your SKY Phone.

Voice Mail Service
The voice mailbox can provide storage and retrieval of voice messages as well as auxiliary functions. The voice mailbox number corresponds to the CDMA subscriber number itself. When the CDMA subscriber dials the VMS access number he/she is guided by voice announcement. Any message left in the mailbox can only be drawn by the mailbox owner.

Access Code: 1616
For further information, please refer VMS service brochure.

Points to remember
Please ensure that you have sufficient balance in your Prepaid Phone.
Regularly check your balance and the validity by dialing SKY PHONE access number 1415
While recharging from another phone make sure to enter your phone number correctly.

Use the SKY PHONE Prepaid Phone card and phone before the expiry date. SKY PHONE Prepaid or card will not be valid after the expiry date.

Updated On : 2017-04-06


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