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PSTN Land Line


Nepal Telecom provides Toll Free Phone also called Advanced Free Phone Service (AFS), targeting to provide quality value added service for large corporate offices, commercial organizations and social communities which need good communications with their customers, suppliers, dealers and supporters wishing to enhance relationship.


  • Reverse Charging: Free phone is characterized by its reverse charging feature i.e. if number A calls to AFS number B then, A is not charged for the call but AFS number B is charged for that call.
  • Single Unique AFS Number
  • Can handle 10 simultaneous call by single AFS number.
  • Flexible Routing
  • Welcome message
  • Call Limit


Who needs AFS service?

This service is very appropriate for the following companies or industries:

  • Hotels, airlines, travel agencies, etc. that would want to gain a competitive advantage by giving their clients a flexible, faster and economical way of making reservations.
  • Banks wishing to offer special customer service facility only to major customers can give the clients the AFS service access facility using the incoming call password.
  • For the consumer goods' manufacturer, your wholesalers need a flexible way of making orders to replenish their stock. AFS service offers this flexibility and convenience.
  • A Company whose business success relies highly on after sales service or customer service, requires AFS service in order to provide a flexible, faster and economical way of contacting the customer service department.
  • A media company wishing to receive news from the field staff may provide the AFS facility to the reporters so that they can call in and file their reports.
  • FM stations hosting user interactive programs can publish single AFS service number for their viewers to call in and participate in their programs.
  • All companies wishing to enhance their dealer, customer, supplier relationship requires the AFS service.

AFS Numbering Plan: '1660-01-XXXXX'
11 digit unique AFS number = Access Code "1660" + 01+ five (5) digit AFS number of which the last 5 digits are of service subscriber's choice on first come first serve basis.

Example: For Kathmandu 1660-01-11111

Documents required for Toll Free Phone?

AFS Tariff Rate:

Registration Charge NRs. 1000.00
Security Deposit Additional NRs 15,000 for STD Call facility
Minimum period of hire/service One month
Rental Charge Rs. 1000 per month (with 400 min free call)
Contact office for this service All Nepal Telecom Office accross Nation


For any technical support, please contact us

Nepal Telecom

Kathmandu Regional Directorate
Intelligent Network (IN) Section
Sundhara, Kathmandu
Call: 977-1-4220930, Toll Free Number: 16601122333
Fax: 977-1-4227777
Email:, Helpdesk: 1698

Updated On : 2018-08-10


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