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WiMAX Broadband Internet

WiMAX Broadband Internet

Nepal Telecom (NT) is launching the 4G WiMAX IEEE 802.16e service first time in Nepal. Nepal Telecom proudly offers WiMAX broadband internet service with greater flexibility at unmatched price offer. WiMAX service is available throughout the country within the tentative 2 km radius of the base station . NT as a market leader in Wireless Internet, will enhance its service, coverage and quality by delivering next generation technology to the subscribers. We will deliver high quality data and internet services and utilize the technology to encourage social and economic growth. NT WiMAX enables broadband wireless anytime, anywhere using any WiMAX enabled devices, whether it is a laptop, desktop modem, digital phone or even a game device. Mobile WiMAX creates a seamless broadband enviroment at home, in the office and on the move.

WiMAX CPE - Working Distance:

SN Device Distance from Base Station in Kilometer (Km)
1 USB Dongle 1
2 In Door Unit (ODU) 2
3 Out Door Unit (ODU) ~5


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Wimax Customer Support : 4239816, 4239817 (Sundhara)

Updated On : 2017-09-22


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