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Notice about Applicants List Publish. Published Date: 23rd May, 2018
open result technician & Junior Technician Published Date: 7th Apr, 2018
open competition result (final sifaris) Published Date: 6th Apr, 2018
internal promotion result ( 074/75) Published Date: 13th Mar, 2018
File Promotion vacancy(2074-11-25) Published Date: 8th Mar, 2018
Internal Competition vacancy (2074-11-25) Published Date: 8th Mar, 2018
Open Competition vacancy (2074-11-25) Published Date: 8th Mar, 2018
Internal competition promotion (2073/2074) Published Date: 27th Feb, 2018
Internal competition result notice Published Date: 29th Jan, 2018
Open Competition vacancy 2074 Published Date: 21st Sep, 2017


Level-11, D.M.D.Telecom, Internal Competition Syll
Level -4, Assistant,
Level-9, Dy Manager Account Internal Competition
Level -8, Senior Engineer Telecom Internal
Level -7, Business Officer,Internal
Level -7, Architect Engineer, Open, first & second
Level -6, Asst Technical Officer,Constr. & Maint.,
Level -7, Adminstrative Officer Internal
Level -7, Account Officer, Internal
Level -4, Telecom Technician Internal
Level -5, Senior Assistant Internal 1st and 2nd pa
Level -9, Dy Manager Telecom (Internal)
Level-9, Dy Manager Account, open, first and secon
Level - 8, Snr Admin Officer (Internal)
Level - 8, Senior Admin. Officer, Open-First paper
Level - 8, Senior Administrative Officer, Open-Sec
Level - 8, Senior Account Officer, Open-First pape
Level - 8, Senior Account Officer, Open-Second pap
Level - 6 Assistant Account/Admin/Law/Business Off
Level -4, Telecom Technician open
Level -8, Chartered Accountant Open First & Second
Level -5, Senior Technician Internal
Level - 8, Senior Account Officer Internal
Level -8, Senior Engineer Telecom, Open first and
Level -9, Dy Manager, Telecom , Open-First & Secon
Level -7, Civil Engineer Open second
Level -7, Computer Engineer Open second paper
Level -7, Electronics and Communication Engineer
Level -10 ,Manager Telecom Internal
Level -7, Electrical Engineer Open second paper
Level - 8 Senior Engineer, Civil, Open First & Sec
Level - 7 Engineer Open 1st Paper (Common for All)
Level - 3 Junior Technician, Telecom, Open & Inte

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